Vijay Sambamurthi
June 1, 2016
Celebrating an Amazing Decade of The Lexygen Experience!
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Dear Clients, Lexygenians, Friends, Well-wishers and Critics of Lexygen,

I’m very happy and proud to have the privilege of writing this post on behalf of everyone at Lexygen, for today marks a big day in the fascinating journey of our firm!

This dream called Lexygen was born this very day ten years ago, after countless days and nights of ideation, critical review, introspection and sustained conviction – aided and abetted by copious measures of coffee and alcohol, and the invaluable inputs of accomplished friends from the legal profession and from other industries. The dream was to build a law firm that would be committed to “being a breath of fresh air” in the way legal services are provided.

Our model is based on placing the client first and consistently providing top-class, international-standard and commercially-oriented counsel to our clients. The model was born out of a strong need that I perceived in the market for a consistently responsive and constantly accessible service with a clinical obsession to excellence and commercial usefulness of work product. It was based on my strong belief that clients seek commercially sensible legal ADVICE, and not a three-pages-long disclaimer, for their money!

“Without prejudice to” our unstinting focus on client-satisfaction, the other key pillar that the Lexygen model stands on is our amazing pool of people – we have always striven to recruit people with the best potential and to groom them to become highly respected lawyers, while providing them with a great work environment and rewarding career. What’s more, we also place a HUGE premium on making sure that we are a very fun bunch of people who enjoy working and having fun together!

Over the past several days leading up to today, I have not only been repeatedly led down delicious memory lane about the decade past, but have also found myself constantly evaluating how we have fared in achieving the abovementioned goals. What have we achieved really over the past decade, and is that consistent with what our dream was?

We have acquired a reputable and highly loyal clientele that we are proud of. We have had the honour of perhaps, being the only “young” law firm in India to have advised on numerous complex and marquee deals. Our clients have consistently given us extremely high ratings (often, on their own accord, without our even seeking feedback) as to the innovation inherent in our advice, as also about our high level responsiveness and great work ethic. Our clients have always expressed vocally their high regard for our advice and for the ethical standards that we have unwaveringly stood for. Several of our clients have, over the years, come to see us not just as their external advisors but as their trusted partners in growth. We have acquired a strong reputation in the market as a “firm that consistently punches way above its weight”! On the people front, we have been fortunate to build an amazing team of passionate and driven people who have grown with the firm and who will undoubtedly take Lexygen to greater heights. We should take fierce pride in all of these achievements that we have managed in just a decade.

However, despite all the above, Lexygen is still a work-in-progress. We have miles to go yet before Lexygen truly lives out its immense potential, before it comes to epitomise every ambitious goal and value that we have set for ourselves, before Lexygen fully comes into its own as a pioneering law firm with a very strong sphere of global influence in the professional services industry. And now, my friends, is the upcoming decade for making all that happen, we Lexygenians truly believe that! When I write a similar post to mark Lexygen’s 20th anniversary, I hope to be able to say with much pride that we are on the home stretch to achieving these goals.

We could not have gotten here in such a short span of time without the energetic support and hard work from each and every Lexygenian, past and present, including our marvelous support staff, and I take this moment to salute their commitment and passion. It is indeed they who have made all this happen, of course, with the invaluable support and patronage of our loyal clients. On this wonderful occasion marking our tenth anniversary, I want to say a VERY BIG thank you to all the Lexygenians and to all our clients and friends.

Here’s to an incredibly successful decade ahead to Lexygen! I thank you all in advance for all the support that I will need from you in leading this wonderful organization to lofty heights from here on and to serve you even better over the coming years!

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